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While in the army, I started having problems seeing in dark and subdued lighting.  Four months before my discharge, i found out I had RP. (retinitis pigmentosa)  My eyes kept getting worse and worse until I was no longer able to get work.  I went through a lot of changes dealing with my Blindness.  My wife also went through changes with learning how to deal with me.  The Lord has also given me a gift of inner healing.  So we are using our experience and inner healing to help each other.  In this process, those that participate will also learn how to minister to those whom the Lord brings across their path.

I live with my wife in Winston-Salem North Carolina.  I have four children.  My name is John Sherrer and my wife's name is Fran. 

I grew up in a Christian Reformed church.  Around 1980 the Lord started leading us to a Messianic Congregation.  This was a big cange for us.  In 1990 the Lord moved us to North Carolina to a small, independant church that holds meeting in a store front.  We still attend this church.  We also have home church meetings at our home on Monday nights.  If you are in Winston-Salem on a Monday night and would like to visit our meeting, please give me a call for details.  336-659-8476.


Revised January 23, 2004