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Christmas Stories

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-Can we Explain all Suffering -

"What Pride does to Revivals" -Mark Squire

"Urban Warrior" -by William Coleman.

"Why Elijah in the Last Days?" Thomas B. Fideler.

The Third Floor Remodel Project -by Mike Woelk gateway_dna@sbcglobal.net -Aug 26 2003

New Leaders/Old Leaders -March 10, 2004

The FALSE GOSPEL of ISLAM -Dec 18, 2003

The Passion of Christ, A movie by Mel Gibson.  1/6/2004
Website and movie trailer:  Passion of Christ

"The State of the Church" -by Colin Wilson.

The File Room -Monday, 11 Feb, 2002,

An Open Vision, False Worship - May 1994
                                          -Tim Mather.

PERSECUTION IN THE USA? -Column by Ann Coulter -October 2, 2003

A Christmas Story  12/03/03

The Filling Station ~ A Christmas Primer  12/11/02
Christmas Story  12/11/03


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