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Here is a website where blind woodworkers and help each other with a discussion list and articles on blind woodworking.

WoodWorking For The Blind offers free monthly woodWorking Magazines on CD.


 1) The venerable Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind can now be read online. The current issue and a growing number of past issues can be read this way,
and the magazine can be received via e-mail as well as the usual more traditional formats.

2) The Bootlist offers us this large collegtion of windows xp registry tweaks for the adventuresome to try:
3) Those wishing to pursue amateur radio licenses, somewhat easier to achieve now that Morse code requirements have been removed, might wish to investigate
the HandiHam site:
4) AccessWatch will launch a magazine-style monthly podcast, to which you can subscribe by visiting
or you can grab the mp3 files of the podcast or read their blog here
5) SayIt is a $14.95 text-to-speech program for PalmOS version 5.0 or higher. It is not a screen reader, but may be useful for some people.
6) Ronan Carty is working on an audio sequencer for the blind. At present the program only works with .wav files but the goal is for it to work with midi
files. He is seeking input for how the program could be more useful.>
7) U.S. taxpayers can download IRS publications and forms in text or braille from here,,id=131773,00.html
and publications,,id=131761,00.html
talking forms" are available here,,id=98135,00.html
The forms on the IRS site can be filled in usingAdobe Reader version 5 or higher.
8) Richard Turner has Window-Eyes set files for version 6 that work with GoldWave version 5.18 and some other programs. the GoldWave sets come with an explanatory
text file that lists keyboard shortcuts and notes which program shortcuts conflict with Window-Eyes built-in functions.
9) Users of the free NFB Newsline service can now receive localized television program listings.
10) the powerful and accessible file manager FileDir is now an official release rather than a beta test program.
11) Ian Humphreys has released BGYahtzee, a single-[player version of the popular dice game. Like his other numerous games, this one is free and to get
it, send requests to Ian directly at
and see his page at
the rest of this newsletter consists of useful material gleaned from the Fred's Head Companion blog.
12) Zoommy is a free magnifier for windows pc's.
13) AutoRun Express is a free program to let you control how the cd's that you burn run in your or other people's computers.
14) The Blind Bargains site has a self-explanatory mission
15) Final Conflict is an accessible, self-voicing Star Trek game.
16) I think we've seen this one before, but it's presumably been updated. It's a Fred's Head Companion piece entitled Getting More out of Google.
17) And similarly, here's an article entitled Finding, Researching and Downloading Books, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias on the Net
18) Presumably of most relevance to North american readers, the Get Human web site helps those of us who want to call a company and talk to a real person
rather than waiting on hold or going through umpteen menus:
19) eSnips is a site that gives you a gigabyte of space so you can share, or sell, photos art or music that you make.
20) finally, if you want to learn to play traditional music on guitar, Mandolin, fiddle, dulcimer or banjo, and want to do it by ear, visit Hetzler's Fakebook:
Visit the Tidbits page at where you can subscribe to the rss feed and grab back issues. All that welcome information
for future issues can come to me at

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Updated 1/14/2004